Complaints Performance

At Nabuh Energy, our customers are at the heart of everything we do, so the quality of our service is too. This is why all feedback is so crucial to us. We want to provide you with the best service and experience possible. Because of that, we truly care about every big and small thing our customers say, as well as how they say it, whether it’s a formal complaint or a dissatisfied expression.

Our complaints performance includes every raised dissatisfaction while interacting with us. This could be anything, from disliking the font on our website to not being able to find our social media pages.

It is so important to us that we capture everything that could get in the way of us looking after our customers’ expectations.

Our Complaints Performance is published annually, in line with the OFGEM Complaint Handling Standards. You can access these regulations here.

Our Complaints Summary

Please note, these statistics include everything that can be classed as a complaint, including any raised or expressed dissatisfactions.

Period Complaints received Complaints received per 10,000 accounts Complaints resolved Complaints resolved per 10,000 accounts % Resolved same or next working day %  Resolved within 8 weeks
2019-2020 40374 5754 40374 100% 98.5% 1.5%

Top Five Complaint Reasons

Reason 2019-2020
Customer Set Up 63%
Customer Service 13%
Payment Issues 11%
Transfers 4%
Billing 3%


Our top five reasons for complaints covering the 2019-2020 period were Customer Set Up, Customer Service, Payment Issues, Transfers and Billing. The percentages in this table are counted based on the figures provided in the Complaints Summary. Below, you will find an outline of the actions we have taken to resolve these complaint categories, and what we are doing to prevent them in the future

Customer Set Up: This covers any issues with the set up for our customers, which includes problems with receiving and using our prepayment keys and cards.

Customer Service: This category covers your experience when speaking to our agents about your account, our services and products.

Payment Issues: This includes setting up of payment plans on direct debits or payments relating to your prepayment meter

Billing: This covers complaints regarding the satisfaction with our billing process or the bill itself and issues with receiving or being able to view our bills.

Transfers: This covers any issues the customers may face when switching to us from another supplier

How We Are Solving Them

1. Customer Service

Nabuh Energy work hard to deliver high standards of service and our agents reflect this with every customer contact we receive daily.  We are constantly upskilling our agents to best handle your enquiries.

  • Nabuh Energy has more customer service agent availability than ever before.
  • We recognise training is a catalyst to ensure you receive the service you would expect from us.  In our continued commitment to you, we consistently deliver training and upskill our agents, which will enhance the way we handle your enquiries and complaints.
  • The main focus of training has been on first call resolution, via our analysis of the top 10 reasons you call Nabuh Energy.
  • We have made it easier for you to contact us by improving our opening times, we are available from Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm and Saturday – Sunday 9am- 5pm.
  • We have Invested in technology. This includes web chat and email which will ensure more reliable and varied channels of communication are open to you.
  • We have also invested in our IVR system (Interactive Voice Response).  You can now get through to a specific department quicker and to a specialist customer service agent to deal with your requirements.

2. Customer Set Up

Providing our customers with the best tools and options that allow them to stay on our Energy supply is our priority. This is why we've been working hard to make sure that you are always able to do that.

  • We have put resources into making sure the team responsible monitors the customer set up and can mitigate potential issues before they have any impact on you.
  • We also have a system in place to ensure that our customer service advisors can communicate easily with the team that’s responsible for the customer set up, meaning that they can always provide you with the correct and most up to date information.
  • We have also introduced more top-up methods for Smart Meter customers, giving you flexible options to top up and keep control of your credit.
  • We will be launching the 2nd version of the app, giving customers a lot more information and flexibility for payment.
  • For new customers we have introduced a step by step journey plan to ensure you have all the relevant information to welcome you to Nabuh Energy.

3. Payment Issues

We offer a wide range of payment options, including Direct Debit, Prepayment and Smart Pay as You Go so that you can choose to pay by a method that suits you. In the event of any payment issues we have a specialist team that will help resolve them.  The payment specialist team’s primary focus is to ensure affordable and sustainable payment arrangements are put into place for you.

  • We’ll review your monthly Direct Debit amount on a six-monthly basis and notify you of any changes before your next payment is taken. Our re-assessment process relies on receiving regular meter readings from you, so it’s based on actual usage.
  • Prepayment customers can top up at Paypoint which is available at various outlets
  • Our telephony platform allows you to make card payments via our automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • We’ve worked with our third-party card suppliers, to improve the overall process of issuing payment methods

4. Billing

We continue to identify reasons why you may be unhappy with our billing process and put in measures in that allow us to resolve your query as quickly and efficiently as possible.

*   We now have more customers with accurate readings on their account

  • We continuously look for ways for you to provide your meter readings with ease, be it online, a call into our contact centre or if you prefer by email
  • We have invested in text messaging to make it easier for you to send us your meter readings. This has enabled us to send an accurate bill to more customers each month
  • We are helping you to take control of your energy with our Energy App, enabling you to enter meter reads, and view your bills.
  • Improvements to our online account are being made to make it easier for you to review your details.
  • We have a separate billing team, dedicated to ensuring all your enquiries are dealt with.

We have worked with our billing technology to make it clearer, industry leading with more channels to receive a bill or a statement

5. Transfers

We recognise that some customers may wish to change to another supplier, so it is important for us to make this hassle-free.

  • We’re always looking for the best ways that we can look after our customers during their change of supplier. We are constantly reviewing the quality of the process to make it as smooth as possible.
  • We are continuously working on improving our communication, internally and externally, to keep both staff and customers informed during the switching process.

To view previous years complaints performance.  Please click HERE

All of our complaints are used to improve the experience and service of our customers. This is all in accordance with our complaints handling procedure, a copy of which can be provided upon request.

To find out how to make a complaint, customers can visit our Complaints page.

To request your digital or hard copy of our Complaints Handling Procedure, get in touch with our customer service team.

Please call us on 0330 0414 902 or email