Complaints Performance

At Nabuh Energy, our customers are at the heart of everything we do, so the quality of our service is too. This is why all feedback is so crucial to us. We want to provide you with the best service and experience possible. Because of that, we truly care about every big and small thing our customers say, as well as how they say it, whether it’s a formal complaint or a dissatisfied expression.

Our complaints performance includes every raised dissatisfaction while interacting with us. This could be anything, from disliking the font on our website to not being able to find our social media pages.

It is so important to us that we capture everything that could get in the way of us looking after our customers’ expectations.

Our Complaints Performance is published annually, in line with the OFGEM Complaint Handling Standards. You can access these regulations here.

Our Complaints Summary

Please note, these statistics include everything that can be classed as a complaint, including any raised or expressed dissatisfactions.

Period Complaints received Complaints received per 10,000 accounts Complaints resolved Complaints resolved per 10,000 accounts % Resolved same or next working day %  Resolved within 8 weeks
2017 - 2018  3467 3467  3467  3467 99.99%  0.01%

These statistics currently show our complaints performance from June 2017 to June 2018. During this time, we received 3467 complaints and each one was treated with high importance and resolved as soon as possible. We didn’t leave any complaints unresolved and over 99% of them were solved on the same or next working day of the customer getting in touch with us. This is because our dedicated customer service team is trained to resolve any issue in the most efficient way possible.

Top Five Complaint Reasons

Reason 2017 - 2018
Billing  45.2%
Customer Set Up  16.3%
Metering  3.8%
Meter Readings  3.0%
Change of Supplier  1.1%

Our top five reasons for complaints covering the 2017-2018 period were Billing, Customer Set Up, Metering, Meter Readings and Change of Supplier. The percentages in this table are counted based on the figures provided in the Complaints Summary. Below, you will find an outline of the actions we have taken to resolve these complaint categories, and what we are doing to prevent them in the future.

Billing: This covers complaints regarding the satisfaction with our billing process or the bill itself and issues with receiving or being able to view our bills.

Customer Set Up: This covers any issues with the set up for our customers, which includes problems with receiving and using our prepayment keys and cards.

Metering: This covers issues with the customers’ meters, such as faults or breakage, which could cause issues with supply, readings or topping up.

Meter Readings: This covers complaints regarding issues with customers submitting meter readings to Nabuh Energy.

Change of Supplier: This covers any issues the customers may face when switching to us from another supplier.

How We Are Solving Them

1. Billing

We want to provide our customers with the best service, which includes customers being able to view and inquire about their bills at any time. To make sure that this is 100% possible:

  • We have improved our IT system to allow customers to view their bills in a convenient way. Our customers are able to see their bills online by logging into their account.
  • We have put processes in place that will prevent any bugs and allow us to monitor the quality of our billing system.
  • As well as making sure we provide accurate bills, we also offer helpful hints on reducing your energy costs. To find out more, customers can visit this page.
  • We always welcome feedback from our customers about their experience with their bills and we use that feedback to improve our services.

2. Customer Set Up

Providing our customers with the best tools and options that allow them to stay on our Energy supply is our priority. This is why we've been working hard to make sure that our customers are always able to do that.

  • We have fixed any issues that may have got in the way of our customer set up, making sure that customers are always receiving their cards on time and have support in place in case of loss or damage.
  • We have put resources into making sure the team responsible monitors the customer set up and can prevent any potential issues before they have any impact on our customers.
  • We also have a system in place to ensure that our customer service advisors can communicate easily with the team that’s responsible for the customer set up, meaning that they can always provide the customer with the correct and most up to date information.
  • We have been introducing more top-up methods for Smart Meter customers, giving them flexible options to top up and keep control of their credit.

3. Metering

It is really important to us that every customer’s meter is working and providing supply accurately and safely.

  • We’re making sure that our customers are receiving information and advice about spotting any faults in their meter and how to contact us. This means that issues can be checked and fixed sooner, making it more convenient and less worrying for our customers.
  • Our customer service team receive high-quality training to be able to respond accurately when it comes to any problems with meters.
  • In case of a faulty meter, a quick response is crucial to us. We ensure that an engineer visits within 3-4 hours and that the meter gets fixed or replaced right away, in a way that maintains the customer’s safety and comfort.

4. Meter Readings

To ensure that we receive accurate readings from our customers, we have made the process as straight forward as possible.

  • We improved our system to allow our customers to submit their meter readings online in a more convenient way.
  • We also continuously review this system to prevent any errors and to find ways to make the experience of submitting your readings quicker and more enjoyable.
  • We’ve made sure that our customer service advisors are trained and available to help with the submission of any customer’s meter readings. This means that customers can get step by step guidance if they’re struggling or they can just submit them over the phone or email.
  • We are working on being able to introduce Smart Meter installations to our traditional customers, which will allow their readings to be submitted regularly and automatically. Customers will no longer need to submit anything themselves and the readings will be more up to date, making bills more accurate.

5. Change of Supplier

We recognise that some customers may wish to change to another supplier, so it is important for us to make this hassle-free.

  • We’re always looking for the best ways that we can look after our customers during their change of supplier. We are constantly reviewing the quality of the process to make it as smooth as possible.
  • We are continuously working on improving our communication, internally and externally, to keep both staff and customers informed during the switching process.

All of our complaints are used to improve the experience and service of our customers. This is all in accordance with our complaints handling procedure, a copy of which can be provided upon request.

To find out how to make a complaint, customers can visit our Complaints page.

To request your digital or hard copy of our Complaints Handling Procedure, get in touch with our customer service team.

Please call us on 0330 0414 902 or email