Energy saving tips for your garden

We all love to save money in our homes, but what about when it comes to our gardens? Running your garden in an energy efficient way doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult. Follow our money saving tips below to get your garden into shape.

Solar lights

Solar lights are a great way to light up your garden while keeping costs low. Whether your garden is big or small, swapping your electric garden lights to solar lights will not only be considerably cheaper but also help you to become a lot less dependent on the national power grid.

solar lights

Water usage

watering can

If you are a keen gardener, you will know that come summertime, it is important to water your garden daily - especially in the drier months. The easiest way to cut costs would be to use a watering can instead of a hose. This will help you to control the amount of water you are using and save you from wasting the extra water in the hose once you are done.

Power tools

Before getting your power tools out to tackle your garden, have a think if it is really necessary or if you are just wasting money. Simple swaps like changing your electric hedge trimmer to a manual one will not only save money when it comes to your energy bill, but also help get in a cheeky arm workout.

hedge cutters

Making extra shade

planting trees

We all know that shady spots come in handy when the sun comes out in full force. By planting trees around your garden, you will create cooler spots to relax under and ensure that the heat coming from the sun is blocked from your windows. This will stop you from using extra fans in your home to keep it cool, saving you both money and energy in the long run.

Save energy over summer

With a change in the weather comes a change in the way we use our energy. Being smart about your energy usage can save you loads over summer. We have shared five of our favourite summer energy saving tips.

Keep the fridge closed

Think about how many times in a day your children open the fridge looking for snacks, every time this happens up to a third of cold air escapes, which then takes more energy to cool it back down. Keeping your fridge closed will not only save you money but make your snack draw last a little bit longer this summer.


Have a shower over bath

Close-up of chrome shower, faucet, in the bathroom covered decorative ceramic tiles with white glossy bricks. Water running from shower head.

We all know that it is far too hot for baths come the summertime, so why not swap your family bath time for showers instead? As well as being cheaper, showers are also faster meaning once bedtime is done, you get extra time in the evening to relax.


When the weather is hot outside, it can be a bit of a challenge to cook in your kitchen. To save yourself from overheating and the expense of using different kitchen appliances, try using your barbeque or microwave when you can. These both use a third of the energy that your oven would and also produce a fraction of the heat.

Woman's hand closing the door of the microwave oven and sets the time for heating food

Get outside


Normally, come the summertime, children are more than happy to spend all their time on their favourite video games. However, this adds extra pounds onto your energy bill every time they play. We suggest getting your family out on a long walk in your local park, woods or countryside. This will be a nice bonding opportunity for your family, as well as helping you to keep costs low.

Use your washing line

After being outside with your children and playing in the heat, this will only lead to one thing - washing. Instead of using your dryer, put the clothes out to dry on your washing line where they will dry faster and have the lovely fresh air scent.

washing line

Please ensure you are adhering to the government guidelines around Coronavirus (COVID-19) and social distancing.

Saving Energy Room by Room

Want to become more energy efficient and save energy at home, helping you to save money all year round? We went room by room and put together our top energy saving tips for your home. Take a look!

Living Room:

  • Keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature, preferably between 18 and 21 degrees. Turning the thermostat down by a single degree could save you up to £80 a year.
  • Turn off the lights when you’re not using them. If a light is turned off even for a few seconds, you will have saved more energy than it takes to turn it back on again. This could save you around £14 a year.
  • As it’s getting warmer, try closing the blinds or curtains during the hottest parts of the day. This could save you needing to use energy to cool your home.
  • Remember to turn appliances such as your TV off standby. In standby mode, appliances are still using energy. By turning them off standby, you could save around £30 a year
Living room


  • Filling your kettle with exactly the amount of water you’re going to need could help you save around £6 a year.
  • Allow your food to defrost naturally by taking it out of the freezer hours before you cook.
  • Wait until the dishwasher is full before putting it on. Remember to use the eco setting if it has one.
  • Alternatively, you can save energy by hand-washing your dishes. Use a bowl to wash up rather than a running tap. This could save you around £25 a year.
  • Use your microwave where possible. Microwaves only use around 20% of the energy needed to use a full-size oven.


  • You could save £7 a year per person by spending one less minute in the shower a day.
  • Remember to turn off the tap while you brush your teeth.
  • Let your hair dry naturally – there’s no need to use a hairdryer every time.


  • The ideal temperature for sleeping is between 16 and 18 degrees, so remember to turn down the heating at night.
  • Low-level lighting prepares us better for sleep, so dim the lights before going to bed.

An In-Home Display (IHD) is a good way to monitor your energy usage. Click here to find out more.

The Importance of Rest and Sleep

Staying rested

This week is mental health awareness week. We all know that getting the right amount of rest and sleep has a big effect on our bodies, but did you know it also has an impact on your mental health? Follow our quick and easy tips below to not only rest your body, but your mind as well!


What can you do?

Making a to-do list for your day will help you to decide what your top priorities are, while allowing you to stay on top on top of your own needs. A to-do list can look different for everyone. Your main priority might be to complete the weekly food shop, whereas someone else’s may be to shower that day. Both of these are perfectly okay. Sticking to your to-do list will not only give you a sense of achievement but it will also stop you from overstretching yourself.

Make sure you that you take little breaks often. When your body has been in the same place for too long it starts to put your brain under extra pressure, and we tend to find it more difficult to concentrate and perform our daily tasks. Breaks can be as simple as going to make a cup of tea or going out for some fresh air.


The foundations for a good night's sleep come from what you do during the day and the evening. Staying active and getting enough exercise during the day is a good way to make sure that you feel tired enough when bedtime does come around. Switching from day time to night time can sometimes be difficult, but the easiest way to do this is by finding a way to unwind your body. We suggest having a bath or shower, reading a book or even limiting your screen time before bed.

You Time in Lockdown

The idea of being at home for a prolonged amount of time is becoming the new normal. We've put together a few ideas to keep your mind busy and make you feel like you are still having a bit of you time - even under the current circumstances.

Be active

Take this time to focus on your health and well-being by downloading the Couch to 5k app. This is a free app that helps you build up to running 5 kilometres. The app helps you to break this down by running three times a week for a period of 9 weeks, with the end goal being you can run 5k comfortably. If running is not for you, try going for a walk instead. Plan your route before you leave the house and get outside to explore your local area - you just might find something rather special that you wouldn't normally see.


Pick up something new

Starting a new hobby as an adult can seem like a daunting task, but not all hobbies have to including running a marathon or doing a skydive. Why not pick back up that book you haven't read in months and finally complete it, or start making your way through that ever-growing reading list to help you pass some time.


To help relax your mind and zone out from all the current news, you could take up colouring. Amazon have hundreds of adult colouring books, pens and pencils that can all be delivered to your door. Colouring will not only help ease anxiety and stress but will give you the pleasure of being creative and offer a sense of achievement once completed.

TV marathon

As much as no one likes to really admit it, we all love to binge watch a good TV show. However, sometimes life gets busy and instead of actually watching them, all we seem to do is add them to the watch list for later. Take time for yourself and start making your way through them weather it is your Netflix, Disney Plus or even your catch up on demand list. We suggest getting cosy on your settee with your favourite snacks and delete them as you go!

watching tv

We hope these few little tips helps you to get through those tougher days.