Nabuh Energy – Charity Match

Have you got what it takes?


On May 21st 2019, Nabuh Energy will be taking over Sheffield’s own Bramall Lane to raise money for Weston Park Cancer Charity.

Weston Park Cancer Charity

The charity helps and supports people of all ages that have developed cancer with the aim to improve both the patient and their family’s lives.  Being the only specialist cancer hospital in the region, we believe that it is important to support the hard work and dedication of all staff and volunteers involved. 

Our aim is to raise as much money for the charity as possible by inviting our customers to go head to head at Sheffield United’s home ground – all, whilst having fun!

This offer is only available to our customers so if you do want to show Sheffield your skills, sign up at the dedicated SUFC Charity match sign up page here. If you know someone who would be a great addition to the team, why not send them your refer a friend referral code and get them to sign up too – You can get your referral code here. It’s sure to be a win-win as we’ll also give you £25 free credit when their account begins with us!

Keep an eye out for more information as the date gets closer, and don’t forget to tell your friends to come and support you, and the cause!

Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Learn about Cut your Energy Costs Day


Winter is here and you’re probably thinking about your energy usage and how expensive this time of year is.  Cut your Energy Costs Day is your opportunity to look at the energy usage in your home, office etc. Finding ways to reduce how much energy you use will help you all year round, not just for the winter months.

Heating costs have been an issue with customers for a long time (energy bills are one of the most expensive costs that we pay for our home throughout the year).  With Cut your Energy Costs Day, we advise to take the plunge to assess your home and consider things that may be costing you (those appliances you left on standby) and that may have been forgotten about.

Ways to save on this day and going forwards are thinking about appliances that may help you in the long term, things like a programmable thermostat which makes it easy to not only turn on your heating but also just as easy to turn it off if you have had to leave in a rush, or gone to bed and left the heating on.  Items like this will also enable you to set the time and days that the temperature should be adjusted, leaving you with the perfect temperature without wasting any money.  Many thermostats already have this option, but many are not aware – look at yours today and see if you are able to programme your week.

The next thing to do is have an overview of your appliances.  Old and inefficient appliances are not energy efficient and could be costing you more than they are worth.  Look at any of the appliances that have been in your home for a long time and access if it would be cost efficient to purchases a newer, more energy efficient version.  Appliances now usually have an energy efficiency chart on them at the time of purchase, if you are unsure, make sure you ask the seller.  The higher the rating (A+ being the best) the more energy efficient your appliance is.

Cut your Energy Costs Day is all about reviewing and accessing your current situation and finding out what could benefit yourself regarding lowering energy usage.  For more information on any energy usage and how to lower your energy consumption, please contact us on 0330 0414 902 or

Where does the green energy come from?

Want to know where your Green Energy has come from?

There’s nothing better than getting home after a hard days work at this time of year and switching on your lights (even the ones on your tree!), putting the heating on and making yourself a big brew to sink into the sofa with.


Did you ever think how you were able to do all of this? Did you think about how it works or where the electricity you’ve used has come from?

We do.

At Nabuh Energy, we’re here to give you a clear picture. In this blog, we will look at the energy we buy, how it’s sourced and how we get it to you.

How does energy get to you?

Energy is produced all over the UK and Europe at various power generation plants, (this includes non-renewable sites such as coal power stations and renewables ones like solar farms). The energy produced by these plants is then fed into the National Grid, to which is responsible for transmitting energy up and down the country. Electricity travels through power cables at high voltage and passes through several transformers before reaching your home at a much lower (much less dangerous) voltage. In regards to gas, this also passes through an underground series of pipelines, which is also owned and run by the National Grid.

Look at our quick breakdown to see how energy is transmitted to you:

Where does Nabuh Energy fit in with all this?

Everyone’s energy comes from the National Grid, not directly from us. The grid is like a big pot; suppliers like us, buy and put energy into the pot to which our customers then take the energy out of the pot when they use it. As your supplier, we make sure we purchase enough electricity to feed into the national grid to cover the amount our members take out.

Being the company that likes to talk, we asked our customers what was important to them and they told us they wanted to go green.  Being the Energy Company with a big heart like we do, we made this our goal and can now confirm that from January 1st, we will be making sure that every unit of electricity supplied to our members is matched 100% with electricity generated from renewable sources. Providing green gas is a little harder as almost all the UK's gas is natural gas from the North Sea and other non-renewable sources.  We have this on the top of our list so make sure you keep an eye out for updates on this goal.

So, whilst we don’t control each iota of gas and electricity that you use, we do make sure that every penny you pay for your electricity purchases 100% green electricity!

Halloween Party Tips – Lights

pumpkins in the garden

There is something about this holiday that we all have to admit we love, whether that be the dressing up, the scaring younger people or maybe just the amount of sweets you are (technically) allowed to consume without feeling guilty!

When it comes to this time of year, some people really enjoy decorating the house (and for some, the garden).  We know this all looks great for the evening in question, but have you had your practice run? Are you sure that those pumpkins light up automatically and that the skeleton will talk when someone walks by…

Of course, this night is all for a bit of fun, but we can’t help but think about the drain on your electric. (We are the energy company with a heart!).

Here we have a variety of lighting choices you can use that are safe, fun and good for your pockets!

String Lighting

String lighting is available for every budget and every decorating idea.  In fact, there is so much choice of string lighting available, you may have seen people often choose to wrap their house and garden decorations in it!

String lights fit the theme brilliantly and can also be good to your pockets! There are numerous types available, from solar panel versions that often the light throughout the day, battery powered and of course, plug in string lights.  Using string lights is a great idea as these pretty little lights can be used at your disposal from rooftops to inside your pumpkin.

Thinking of having a Halloween party? Well great news, string lights can be used inside too!  Just make sure that you have no loose wire to avoid any trip hazards.  String lights can elevate a centre piece and can make quite a statement in big vases.  Why not try some pumpkin string lights around your windows to really suit the event.


spider spot lights
Spot Lights

Another creepy way to illuminate your home is to make your lighting look like spider’s webs.  This can be done with various wire-made lamp shades or easily by using spot lights.  Spot lights add depth and can create many interesting angles to make your ‘spider’s web’ completely unique.  Use different intensity spot lights with a good energy rating and you can successfully create the scene knowing you are doing so whilst being energy efficient.

Maybe you are planning on having a spider hanging from your walls or a skeleton in a particularly position.  Spot light them! This will add an increasingly eerie feel if your main lights are off, whilst also drawing your visitors attention to your hard work! Sport lights can help to give your Halloween theme tell its own story, giving you more time to be creative with your Halloween scares!

Hanging Lanterns

Why not try to hang various different Halloween themed lanterns around your home?  Different lanterns around the home or garden can create the ultimate Halloween atmosphere. Once again, it is very important that you ensure all wiring is kept covered and avoiding any trip hazards.  Once you have the safety aspects covered, you will be able to create the perfect venue for any Halloween party.  Spooky but in an economical and safe way!

By doing this or hanging fake cobwebs on your light features can also create the perfect atmosphere.

Keeping in mind safety and creativity, you will be able to light up your habitat for Halloween in a spooky, yet safe and economical way.

Being creative with your lighting can turn boring Halloween decoration into the perfect creepy scene, making your Halloween party much more realistic and enjoyable.


cobweb lighting

Celebrate Earth Day With Energy Saving Challenges

They say there's no place like home - and the Earth is currently our only home. So, today we celebrate the annual Earth Day! Every year, the whole world gets involved in activities, events and raising awareness of issues that affect our planet. All around the globe, We show support for Earth Day through not only organising ways for improving the environment, but also to give back to our planet and give it appreciation for being the most wonderful home. At Nabuh Energy, we couldn't miss out on getting involved in celebrating Earth Day.

However, we thought we'd put a little Energy spin on it. We've come up with a few Energy Saving eco-activities you could do today to show environmental support for the planet. 

This year, the day falls on Sunday, which makes it the perfect opportunity to get your friends and family involved! Check out our favourite Energy themed activities to try for Earth Day 2018.

Earth Day Nabuh Energy

Energy Saving Challenges To Try This Earth Day

Energy - Free Day

How easily could you live without any Energy at all? The idea seems straight forward, until you have a think and actually realise just how dependant we are on Energy in our lives. Did you ever wonder how did people function everyday without constant access to gas and electricity? This could be a really fun challenge to try with the whole house - it could be your partner, your friends or even the kids! It could be a learning experience for you to find out alternative ways to things you do everyday. 

Earth Day Nabuh Energy

Energy - Free Kitchen

This could be an easier challenge if you think using no Energy at all is pushing your abilities. How about skipping Energy use in the kitchen for today? Not only it would help you save some Energy for Earth Day, but it's also a chance to try out some new culinary experiences. You get to get creative and then eat something different than you normally would. And the possibilities are endless, so you're not limited in your options. Start breakfast off with some cereal, yoghurt or fruit salad and go from there!

Earth Day Salad Nabuh Energy

Earth Day Switch Off

A very easy and fun way to save Energy today would be to switch off all your entertainment devices and find alternative activities for the day. This could be a little hard for those addicted to their phone or video game, but it is a challenge after all! And one day is not going to hurt. This could be a great chance to spend time together in a different way, so get creative and socialise a little differently today. A family film night could turn into a board game evening - but don't stop there! You could this into a competition of who can think of the most fun idea for an activity, and the winner gets their phone back (as motivation of course!).

black-21166_1280Remote Earth Day Nabuh Energy

Half Your Energy Use

Do you normally take a 10 minute shower? Try 5 minutes today! If your heating is usually on for four hours, you could drop it down to two - especially if the heatwave sticks around! Think about everything you will do today that uses up Energy and cut the time of use in half. Not only you can have a fun Earth Day challenge but you might find that some things are easier than you thought! You never know, 5 minute showers could become your new everyday routine. Don't forget that charging your phone counts too - do you reckon you could last on 50%? 

Time Nabuh Energy Earth Day

Do you have any other ideas for Energy efficient challenges for this Earth Day? If you think a full day is too difficult you can always try it for an evening.. but if you think it's too easy, try it for a full week! Why save today, when you can save all year?

This is why we're always coming up with the best ways to help you reduce your Energy use everyday. Hope you smash these challenges, and we'll be trying them too - so you're not alone. Good luck and happy Earth Day from the whole team at Nabuh Energy!