Let our experts take you through everything you need to know about your energy.

Educating From Home

No one could have predicted the closure of schools or nurseries. Here are a few sources of education that are available online for your child.

Activities to do with Children

Many members of our team here at Nabuh have young children and we understand the pressure parents around the UK are now feeling financially.

Save Energy Working From Home

Many of us will be working from home for the next few weeks, which means more energy usage at home. That's why we've put together a few little tips to help you save money on your bills.

Stay Topped Up with No Card

Due to technical issues there is currently a delay in issuing smart cards to all customers. Take a look at how to stay topped up until your cards arrive.

Priority Service Register

As the energy company with a big heart, we treat all our customers as a priority.  However, we are aware that some customers may be a little more vulnerable than others.

10 Energy Facts

There are more than eight million lightning strikes around the world every day. See this and more facts on our blog!

Quick energy saving tips

Turn the lights out on halogen bulbs and switch to LED bulbs to save yourself money this year. Find out more of our favourite energy saving tips.

Economy 7 Winter Saving Tips

You probably know this already but your Economy 7 meter means your night rate is cheaper than your day rate.

Save on Energy this Winter

Mince pies, rum truffles, pigs in blankets and mulled wine, a list of all our favourite things to spend money on over the Christmas period - but did you see gas and electric on the list?

Nabuh Energy - Statement

Nabuh is subject to the Renewables Obligation (RO) scheme which puts an obligation on UK electricity suppliers to source part of their energy supply from renewable energy.

Nabuh Energy Growth

Nabuh is now 2 years old and as the old cliche goes, it's only getting 'bigger and better'.

In-Home Display Information

You may have heard numerous acronyms floating around when it comes to Smart Meters and we want to shed some light on the IHDs, the PPs and the DDs.

Nabuh Fuel Mix

We know it's important for our customers to know where their Gas and Electricity comes from.

How to Provide a Meter Reading

We know that the last thing you want to do is start clambering in your cupboards, but we also know, you don’t want high, unexpected costs!

Spring clean your boiler

It’s April and we are all preparing ourselves for the warmer weather and when we can start switching out heating off for those warmer nights and (hopefully) nice warm Summer days.

April's Price Rise

With the Energy price cap set for a £117 increase this month for those on Variable tariffs, we believe there has never been a better time to switch to Nabuh.

Nabuh Energy Charity Match

Have you got what it takes? On May 21st 2019, Nabuh Energy will be taking over Sheffield’s own Bramall Lane to raise money for Weston Park Cancer Charity.

Prepayment Pros and Cons

Having a prepayment meter can help you to stay in control of how much you spend by allowing you to pay for your energy usage in advance.

Prepayment Meters: User Guide

Here will will answer as many of the frequently asked questions about prepay meters as possible.

Standing Charges

Let’s talk about Standing Charges…

Avoid the Price Rise

The new price cap has caused some concern for millions of energy customers, with many being stuck on Standard Variable rates.

Top 6 Smart Meter Questions

We’ve narrowed down the top 6 most frequently asked questions regarding Smart Meters to help you make your upgrading decision easier!

Winter Warmers

We’re set to be hit with the coldest weather of the year and it’s bringing strong winds, rain and snow along with it! How prepared are you if the weather does bring along chaos?

Economy 7 Cost-Cutting Tips

You’ve made the decision that Economy 7 is for you and you’re certain that you’re on the best Economy 7 deal. So here are nine tips to push your savings to the max.