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Avoid the price rise

The new price cap has caused some concern for millions of energy customers, with many being stuck on Standard Variable rates which are often £300+ more expensive than some of the cheapest deals available on the market. 


It’s been highlighted in the news and many switching websites recently that people could see their energy bills rise by over £100 in the next couple of months.  With the standard variable tariffs expecting to be an average of £1,254 per year and prepayment meters being an average of £1,242 per year as OFGEM increase the price cap by an extra £117 per year.


Luckily, there is a way to avoid these huge price rises.  Simply, switch.  There really is no reason to be paying more than you need to and with Nabuh Energy, you will be seeing the savings as soon as you switch.


Our current Smart meter tariff, the PAYG Tina Tariff, which is only available when signing up online can see customers slash their annual energy bill.  Why pay more?  Simply visit for a quick and easy, free quote and see how much you could save.  Factor in the no exit fees or contracts and you will find that you have nothing to lose and everything to save.



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