What to expect if we have to visit your property

We’ll occasionally need to visit your home to inspect or carry out necessary work on your meters or associated equipment. This will be done by either an employee of Nabuh Energy, an employee of one of our third-party agents or, in an emergency, an employee of your local electricity network operator or gas network operator.


Anyone that we send to your home will carry identification. This could be one of our employees or an employee of one of our third-party agents. Please feel free to ask to see this identification before letting them in.

If you’re still unsure as to whether someone claiming to have been sent to your home by us is who they say they are, please call us on 03300414902 to check before letting them in. We’ll check their details and confirm to you whether they have been sent by Nabuh Energy.

We, our third party agents, the electricity network operator and gas network operator will make sure that anyone who visits your home on our or their behalf:

- Has the necessary experience and qualifications to complete the task which they have been asked to perform; and

- Will be easy for you to identify as our or their representative; and

- Will make use of any password or signal that you have agreed with us or them so that you can confirm that they are who they say they are; and

- Will be a fit and proper person to come to your home; and

- Will be able to give you, if you ask for this, sources of independent advice that you can contact in relation to both electricity and gas.

As part of your contract with us, you agree to give our employees, our third party agents’ employees and employees of the electricity network operator and gas network operator safe access to your home and any electricity meter and gas meter located there when such access is required.