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Top 5 Tips To Save Energy During Snow Days

Snow is coming. We've welcomed 2019, but we know it's not quite time to put away the winter boots. You're probably worrying if you can still Save Energy. As the whole of the UK is getting prepared for the snow, many people will be bracing themselves for those Energy costs rising.

But that doesn't have to be the case - you should be able to stay warm and stress-free!

This is why we've put together our top 5 tips for how to Save Energy during snowy weeks. This gives you one less thing to worry about!

Save Energy During Snow Days - Nabuh Energy

Top tips to Save Energy at home - When it snows

1. Get layered up

Whether you've got a snow day off at home or you're back after a cold day out, your first instinct will be to turn the heating up high. But, before you do that, try putting some layers on first! (Just not the drenched ones from battling your way through the snow). But, don't put all your hopes into one thick jumper. Very often, many layers of thin clothes keep you much warmer than less thicker layers. Keep that in mind to Save Energy this week, even if it allows you to keep the heating down by that one degree.

Save Energy During Snow Days - Nabuh Energy

2. Keep it all shut

We might want to be saying goodbye to winter, but winter doesn't want to say goodbye to us. So, don't forget that you still need to keep doors and windows shut everywhere. Not just to the outside, but also all the doors between your rooms, as you will keep as much heat inside as possible. Another thing you should consider closing is your curtains. They do keep the heat in - especially if there's no sun outside to warm you up through the windows. PS. Don't forget your bathroom window, it's always easy to miss it!

Save Energy During Snow Days - Nabuh Energy

3. Get yourself active

When it snows outside, the first thing we want to do is curl up with a blanket and watch a film. As perfect as that sounds, you can Save Energy by getting yourself and everyone else more active. You could play some games with the kids, do some exercise or even have a pillow fight. You can even utilise the snow and get a bit active in the garden - snowball fight anyone? Then even when you get back inside you'll keep feeling warm and energetic.

Save Energy During Snow Days - Nabuh Energy

4. Say goodbye to Energy thieves

This is something to consider for all-time Energy saving, but a snow week is your perfect chance. Do you feel like the house just isn't warming up enough? Check for any furniture, clothes or other objects blocking your radiators - they'll be sucking up all that Energy that could be keeping you warm. Because of this, you also end up running your heating higher or longer than you need to. Also, whilst you're there consider other Energy thieves - move your fridge and freezer away from the radiators and turn off those electronics when not in use.

Save Energy During Snow Days - Nabuh Energy

5. Time it better

You need to consider the fact that a snow week might affect your lifestyle and your schedule. You could spend longer getting home or maybe have to stay off work. If you use a thermostat, don't forget to save Energy by changing your times accordingly. This could really make a difference! If you don't use thermostats, leave reminders for yourself to turn it off at certain times. Snow can cause a lot of stress, so it'll be the last thing you're thinking about - even post-it notes will work!

Save Energy During Snow Days - Nabuh Energy

These are our top 5 survival tips to save Energy during the colder weather. Don't let snow get you down! Want more tips? Read about more small changes you can do everyday if you want to save Energy. It gives you one less thing to worry about - so you can focus on building that snowman with the kids!