Help with your SMETS1 Smart Meter

Below you will find some basic information to help you use your Secure Liberty 100/110 Smart Meter

What are Smart Meters?

Smart meters are a next generation meter for both gas and electricity. They are a replacement for standard meters, which require you to track your own meter readings and submit them to your supplier to ensure accurate bills.

For prepayment customers, there are additional top up options for automatically adding credit to your meter.

Smart meters may also come with an in-home display. This gives you up to date information about your consumption and the cost of your usage.

What do the buttons on the meter do?

Your smart meter will have a keypad, which you can use to check your meter readings, balance, and enter vend codes should you need to.

1 - Displays cost of consumption and units used on the current day and previous day
2 - Displays cost of consumption in the current week and previous week
3 - Displays cost of consumption in the current month and previous month
4 - Displays historical data comprising monthly units consumed and cost of consumption
- Displays ‘Not Used’
- Displays tariff name, standing charge per day, active rate register(s) along with the consumption and cost per unit recorded in each rate register (Will provide Eco-7 readings: IMP R01 is the night read, and IMP R02 is the day read)
7 - Displays ‘Not Used’
8 - Displays ‘Not Used’
9 - Displays total import and export register values (will provide a total reading after IMP KWH)
0 - Performs display check and then displays date, time, load and CO2 data of the current hour and current day, yesterday, last week and last month (will show 'COMMISSION' instead if meter needs to be commissioned)

- Used for prepayment customers - Switches the display to UTRN(vend) entry mode; serves as backspace key during UTRN(vend) entry; enables Emergency Credit when made available; initiates supply reconnection from ‘READY' state. (Activates vend mode/Used to start reconnection process.)
B - Activates auto scroll display from sleep mode; used to scroll back through a display sequence; initiates UTRN(vend) authentication process; mutes alarm; used to confirm supply reconnection from ‘READY’ state.


Below are some key buttons that can allow you to perform important functions:

7+A - Activates Emergency Credit

AAB - Turns meter on whilst Armed

A >"Vend Code" >B - How to enter a Vend Code for a manual top up

9 - View Meter Reading IMP KWh for electricity, m³ for gas

Manually entering a vend code

You may need to enter a vend code if your meter has no WAN, or a top up fails to hit your meter.

To enter a vend code, you will need to

  1. press B to wake up the meter from sleep mode.
  2. press A and enter the vend code/ UTRN code as displayed on your receipt/device. If you make a mistake whist entering the code, press A to delete the last digit entered.
  3. Press B once the vend code has been entered.

If the vend code has been entered correctly, the meter will say ‘Accepted’ and credit your meter.

If the meter says ‘Incomplete’ the vend code has not been entered in its entirety. Press A on the meter and retype the vend code.

If the meter says ‘Rejected’, this means the vend code was not recognised. Try again in case of a mistake, and if this is still not working, contact our customer service team on 0330 0414 902.

If you think something isn't working right with your meter, click here to check whether your meters are connected to the network