Check your SMETS1 Smart meter is working correctly


If you’re seeing usage issues with your Nabuh App, such as top ups not hitting your meter, or incorrect balances displaying. There may be a communication issue with your meter.

Follow the steps below to make sure your meter is communicating properly.


If the meter screen is completely blank and the meter is not responding please speak to our Customer Services team, your meter may be faulty and need replacing.


1. Are the Meter Serial Numbers (MSNs) correct?

We need to make sure that the meters we have on file match the ones in your property, sometimes mistakes can be made meaning we don't have the right meters.


Where can I find the meter serial number?

Electricity meter:

The MSN for an electricity smart meter can be found to the left of the keypad. It will begin with 14P, 15P, 16P, etc.

Gas meter:

The MSN for a gas smart meter can be found directly below the keypad. It will begin with G4P.


2. Is the WAN connected?

Check the electricity meter look for a light labelled WAN

If the light is flashing, the meter has WAN. If the light is solid, there's no WAN

The amount of flashes between pauses tells you how strong the WAN signal is.

One flash between pauses means the signal is poor, Five flashes means the signal is excellent


Below are some things you can do if you have no or poor WAN

  1. Check how strong is the mobile phone signal next to your meter, Smart Meters use mobile SIM cards to communicate
  2. Move anything metallic that may be blocking the signal, things like ironing boards, metal cabinets, coat/shoe racks and vehicles (if your meter is outside) can all interfere with the WAN signal
  3. If your electricity meter is in a basement or enclosed space like an under stairs cupboard, try and move anything from around it.


3. Is there a HAN connection?

To check your gas meter is connected, we need to find out whether your smart meter is connected to the Home Area Network (HAN).

Check for HAN on the gas meter screen

If the word HAN is solid, the gas meter is connected to the HAN so there are no issues with the connection

If the word HAN is flashing, the gas meter is searching for the electricity meter but hasn't found it.

Things to check:

  1. is your IHD plugged in? Some IHD's act as a relay between the Gas and Electric meters. Try moving your IHD to a central location
  2. Check if the meter been commissioned correctly (See next step)
  3. Remove any obstructions between your gas and electric meters, metal objects can interfere with the signal


4. Are the meter(s) commissioned?

In order for either meter to be able to communicate with us, it needs a WAN connection and it needs to have been commissioned by the installing engineer.

Press '0' on the meter's keypad. (This applies for both the electricity and gas.)

If your meter has been commissioned correctly, the meter display will begin to cycle through various screens; starting with the date and time.

If your meter has not been commissioned, displayed on the screen will be 'COMMISSION - YES OR NO'. (This will be abbreviated.)

Non-commissioned Meter(s)

If the meter isn’t commissioned, please speak to our Customer Services team to book an engineer visit to commission your meter.


5. Is the meter clocking usage? Meter Readings.

If the meter is not clocking (reading is 0) and you’re using electricity or gas, or if the screens are blank and unresponsive with no communication, please speak to our Customer Services team to book a meter exchange.


To check if the meter is clocking usage:

  • Single rate electricity meter - press 9 and provide the reading after IMP KWH
  • Economy 7 meter (2 Rate Meter) - press 6 and provide the readings after IMP R01 (night reading) & IMP R02 (day reading). If you want your total read, press 9
  • Gas meter - you need to press 9 and will see two readings, volume (m³) and kWh. You need the reading shown after "VOLUME".